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Learn about Catholic Teacher Resources

Catholic Teacher Resources is a non-profit organization located in the Archdiocese of San Francisco whose objective is to offer quality online Catholic resources to help teachers in Catholic schools implement religious instruction using technology in the classroom.

Catholic Teacher Resources was launched in September 2009 for all the Catholic K-8 schools in the San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland dioceses. We are committed to helping our Bay Area schools with the integration of technology into the curriculum using various multi-media.

In  2010  we decided to share these resources with other K-8 Catholic schools around the country by attending NCEA, LA Congress and through a direct-mail campaigns.  To date our site has been well received and visited by teachers around the world.

Some of our unique resources include:

  • Catholic WebQuests - Online adventures focusing on Catholic concepts and faith formation
  • Interactive Catholic Games - Review and revise key Catholic beliefs with interactive games for students
  • Catholic Mass Plans and Prayer Services - Monthly downloadable PDF Mass Plans and Prayer Services for your school community
  • Catholic Writing Prompts - Writing Prompts with a focus on Social Justice and moral formation
  • Bible Stories - Use our Bible Stories to dramatize events from popular stories from the Bible
  • Catholic Virtual Tours - Go for a virtual tour through the Sacraments, the Mass, and the 10 Commandments
  • Catholic Songs and Music - Downloadable music and lyrics to use in your Religion lessons or at school Masses
  • Apps for Catholic Teachers - Ideas for using Apps in Religion lessons
  • Church Seasons - Resources for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and more
  • Social Justice - Project-based activities for students
  • Catholic Calendar - Stay up to date month by month with our Catholic Calendar
  • Faculty Prayers NEW!
  • Catholic Prayers (downloadable PDFs) NEW!
  • Catholic Sacraments NEW!

These K-8 resources provide a uniquely Catholic faith-based perspective that will help teachers assist students in learning more about their faith. All of our materials provide a stronger Catholic identity for students as they continue to develop their faith foundation while incorporating the use of technology in classroom.

Using 21st Century Skills to bring Catholic Teachings Alive in the Classroom

Research indicates that today’s digital age students are visual learners. Our Catholic Teacher Resources were designed to make the teaching of religion an interactive experience for K-8 students.   Our Catholic WebQuests, Catholic Games, Bible stories, and Catholic School Mass Plans, etc. enable teachers to integrate Catholic teachings with 21st century technology skills. Students are more engaged with these resources which reinforce the main elements of our Catholic faith.

Please take a free tour here to see how excellent academic standards through the use of technology can help students reach their God given potential and be responsible, productive Catholic citizens now and in the future.



My First Holy Communion WebQuest

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